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A day in the life of Alex Danson MBE

We asked England hockey superstar Alex Danson what a normal day looks like

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England's hockey captain Alex Danson MBE shares what a regular day looks like, talking us through health monitoring apps, diet and training breakdown. Watch the video to learn more about what a typical professional hockey player does during the day.

1. Morning Monitoring
All players will use an online app to give physios and doctors an indication of how each player is recovering and if they are ready for training.

2. Breakfast
Alex’s day often starts with a bowl of porridge, a coffee and perhaps a slice of toast depending on how much training is planned.

3. Daily Prep
This is a small window where all players get their bodies physically ready for a whole day’s training, whether it’s stretching, pre-hab or re-hab work.

4. Pitch Sessions
After stretching, the team will go into two pitch sessions where they’ll be working on anything from penalty corners, to attacking play, to tactical skills.

5. Running Sessions
During the week, the team will also complete a number of running and gym sessions to ensure their fitness is at optimum levels.

In between each of these sessions, the team will be seen by the physios and doctors and may also fit in some video analysis work.

Click here to watch Alex Danson talk about her short term and long term goals and how she is constantly striving to achieve them

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