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A fresh approach to investing; Stewart’s story

Click & Invest’s Head of Operations, Stewart Teague talks to us about his role and the challenges of launching a disruptive venture within an established business

Topic: The Team

As we edge closer to the official launch of our new service, I love watching people’s reactions when they see the Click & Invest website for the first time. There’s always a moment where they realise they can use the service to map out their own investment goals and you can actually see them picturing their future. It really brings home how personal investing can be and how we can help people on that journey.

The days when investing was only for the rich and experienced are over. We recognised this trend a few years back with the arrival of a number of new, easy to understand digital financial services, but we knew we had the experience at Investec that a lot of so called ‘Fintech’ companies simply didn’t have.

So, with this in mind, we set about challenging the old way of doing things by developing a completely new business model that combined the advanced digital technology of online investing with the expertise of an established wealth management service.

At the time it felt like we were jumping off the edge of a cliff, but it has been exciting to be part of the launch of a new business – designed especially for a different kind of investor.

Under starters orders

As with any start-up company, there have been surprises along the way, particularly because we are a small team of disruptors creating something innovative within a larger, well-known business.

Despite the fact that Investec is a recognised player with a long history and track record, we have been able to adopt a start-up mindset to view this challenge through fresh eyes. This approach has stopped us from relying on traditional ways of doing things, forcing us to rethink the customer journey from start to finish.

In this respect I’ve always been inspired by someone like Elon Musk, who doesn’t just develop a new service but actually tries to redefine the customer experience, always putting the client at the heart of everything he does.

I also have two teenage kids at home and I watch how they easily engage with new digital technology. It’s reflective of our times that no one really expects an instruction manual anymore. If you can’t make something that isn’t easy and intuitive to use, someone else will.

Questioning every element of our customer service is engrained in our culture at Investec, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of breathing new life into traditional things. Even outside of the office I am in the process of (slowly) renovating an old hospital which, similar to Click & Invest, is a real labour of love.

Hopefully, the passion and commitment that has gone into developing our service will shine through when we launch. And that’s only the start. Through listening to your feedback we will continue to make the service the best it can possibly be.

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Opinions given within this article are my own personal views. My views and opinions are effective from the date of publication but may be subject to change without notice.

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