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Click & Invest meets Dominic Frisby

Financial writer, commentator and author Dominic Frisby talks to us about common investment mistakes, giving his thoughts on some of the key concerns facing first-time investors

Topic: Investing

Domic Frisby looks at investing from a unique perspective. As a stand-up comedian and writer for a number of online financial publications, he brings a refreshingly clear-sighted approach to analysing thorny financial issues. We sat down with Dominic to discuss some of the main issues facing investors right now.

What are the most common investment mistakes made by investors?


In this video, Dominic argues that the most common mistakes made by investors includes misunderstanding the correct allocation of funds, putting too much money in exciting investments, copying others rather than thinking for yourself and buying investments when they are overvalued.

What does a weak pound mean for investors?


The pound has had a bad run following the results of the EU Referendum but is starting to show signs of improvement. In this video Dominic explains how a weak currency benefits exporters and hurts importers but a strong government and a reasonably well managed exit from the European Union could help improve the prospects of the pound.

What are the key factors influencing your retirement savings?


Young investors often overlook the importance of time when it comes to planning for their retirement. Here Dominic explains why the power of compound interest combined with investment growth and additional contributions are important factors to securing a suitable retirement income.

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