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Investec Wealth & Investment launches Click & Invest

Investec Click & Invest is open to individuals with £10,000 or more to invest

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Investec Wealth & Investment has today launched Click & Invest, ( a new actively managed online investment service for individuals with £10,000 or more to invest.

Investec Click & Invest combines the experience of a team of investment managers with the convenience and ease of an online service, opening the door for individuals who wouldn’t usually be able to access traditional wealth management services.

Click & Invest’s dedicated team of investment managers create and actively manage investment portfolios on behalf of clients, based on over 300 actively managed funds chosen using strict criteria from the whole of the investment market. The funds are assessed and reviewed on a monthly basis with the aim of outperforming the market.

Jane Warren, Chief Executive of Investec Click & Invest said: “Investec Click & Invest is uniquely placed, as an online investment service, which is based on the same principles and expertise offered by Investec Wealth & Investment. The service is simple, intuitive and transparent, offering clients the convenience and ease of an online service, with the knowledge that their money is being actively managed by our team of experts, not algorithms.”

“Click & Invest appeals to a wide range of investors, from novices to the more experienced, all of whom have the comfort of knowing that we have been looking after clients’ investments for over 180 years.”

Investec Click & Invest has one annual management fee which is tiered according to the level of investment. Individuals are not charged for setting up and creating a portfolio, transferring in, withdrawing money or closing an account. Furthermore, Click & Invest will not charge commission fees. As with other services there are underlying costs which are applied by the individual funds.

Fees for Click & Invest are:

  • 0.65% on the first £100,000 invested
  • 0.50% on the next £150,000 invested
  • 0.35% on any amounts invested over £250,000

A thorough application process has been designed in conjunction with Investec’s Investment Management team and Morningstar * to ensure an individual’s attitude to risk, capacity to absorb financial losses and investment goals are determined before placing them in one of five different risk-based investment strategies: Defensive, Cautious, Measured, Adventurous and Aggressive.

Investec Click & Invest clients have visibility of the funds in their portfolio so they can see where their money is invested.  They also receive monthly video updates from their investment managers about how their portfolio is performing and any changes that have been made on their behalf.

Clients can stay up to date and track their investment performance at any time via the website, Investec App or call the dedicated Click & Invest client support team who are available 24/7/365 on 0808 164 1234 or +44 203 866 1234.

Please remember that all investment carries risk and you may get back less than you invested.


Click & Invest Limited is part of Investec Wealth & Investment Limited and the wider Investec Group, who between them have over 180 years of experience managing client investments, and currently manage over £150 billion** for clients worldwide.

*Morningstar is a Chicago-based investment research firm that compiles and analyses fund, stock and general market data. Morningstar is a respected and reliable source of independent investment analysis for all levels of fund and stock investors, ranging from inexperienced beginners to sophisticated experts.

**FUM as at 31 March 2017




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