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Making our digital service human

When it comes to delivering an excellent service, nothing can replace the human touch. That’s why Click & Invest is driven by the knowledge and experience of our Specialist Investment Managers. We spoke to Jonathan Taylor to find out how he and his fellow Investment Managers will continuously manage your investment portfolio.

Topic: Investing

Because it has been born out of a traditional wealth management company, Click & Invest delivers the convenience and ease of online investing, with the expertise of Investec Wealth & Investment’s award winning*, active wealth management service. It is that philosophy and experience – which spans an impressive 180 years – that we wanted to replicate and apply to our new service.

Understanding our clients

Every effort has gone into building a robust process that allows us to understand our clients without meeting them in person.

Our first step is to assess the risk tolerance of our clients. To do so we have developed an easy to complete questionnaire that identifies the level of risk a client is willing to take with their investment. This means that we understand the short term losses each client is comfortable with when there are fluctuations in the market.

This questionnaire will also include the type of questions that we would ask clients in a face-to-face meeting to gauge their capacity for loss or the extent to which any investment losses would impact their standard of living. Understanding these two factors means we can align our portfolios to client expectations.

The Investment Process

As we embark on setting up Click & Invest, we saw so many passive ‘tap and go’ online investment services, where investors follow a specific index like the FTSE100.

This type of online investment service simply tracks the market – and in the case of the FTSE 100, the scope includes the largest 100 companies by market value – but Click & Invest want to do things differently. We won’t only buy investments that simply track the market. Instead, our experienced Investment Managers will actively aim to beat it, and select investments that we believe can make a big difference to your returns over time.

Our Investment Team are continuously managing your Investment Portfolio so you don’t have to. The Click & Invest Investment team meets regularly to discuss the portfolios and agree on the implementation of the firm’s latest market views. Portfolios are analysed at the client level to ensure all clients are in line with their investment strategy. The liquidity of our investments also means that individual client requests to add or withdraw cash can be processed on a daily basis, while at the same time our broader investment decisions can be implemented ad hoc, giving us flexibility to react to the latest market conditions.

24 Hour Support

Traditionally, Investment Managers are there to advise and update their clients on how their investments are performing; as well as when changes need to be made. So, even though our Investment Managers make decisions on our Click & Invest clients’ behalf, we still have processes in place for keeping clients up to date with their portfolio’s progress.

We will email you whenever we make any changes to your portfolio, and we’ve made sure you can access your account and investments easily via our dedicated website, the Investec App and a dedicated support team that’s available by phone, 24 hours a day.

Over the next few months we will be talking to key members of the team throughout each of these important stages in the investment management process.

*Investec Wealth & Investment have been awarded the highest possible ratings in two of Defaqto’s discretionary management categories. The ratings are based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features and benefits of the services offered.

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