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One year of earning our stripes

A year on, CEO Jane Warren reflects on what has been a busy first year for everyone at Investec Click & Invest

Topic: Investing, The Team

June 20 marks the first anniversary since the launch of Click & Invest, Investec Wealth & Investment UK’s true digital investment service.

When we launched Click & Invest the goal was twofold; firstly, we wanted to open the door to investing, helping people to invest their money confidently, and secondly to make a difference to more financial futures through creating a service that allows our clients access to Investec’s investment experts. A year on and I am delighted that we are delivering on both fronts for our clients.

As with the launch of any business, the last year has been challenging at times, but the fact that we have been able to deliver the service for our clients has made it all worthwhile. In addition, I’ve been delighted by the response from industry commentators and consumers alike who have voted us the winner in five  awards which, in our first year, is a fantastic achievement. All credit must go to the team who have worked so hard behind the scenes to not only launch but further develop the service, so that it can be better for our clients.

It’s also testament to our ever growing client base, who Click & Invest could not exist without. We were very fortunate to meet one of our first clients, James Avery who shared some fascinating insights on what made him invest for the first time and why he ultimately chose Click & Invest.  I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all our early adopters who have joined us on the journey so far. Your support and feedback has been invaluable to us.

Looking forward, there are a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline and we are working hard to bring a competitive SIPP offering to the market by the end of the year whilst continuing to develop and improve our existing service.

As always, feedback remains integral to strengthening the Investec Click & Invest service and if you have any thoughts on how we can do this further, please reach out to us via email or on one of our social channels; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Thank you again for your continued interest,   and if you are looking to learn more about the service, please visit

Yours sincerely

Jane Warren

Chief Executive Investec Click & Invest

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