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Our research team look up into Space

What investment opportunities are up in space? Our in-house research team investigate the possibilities

Topic: Investing

At Click & Invest we work really closely with our Research Team who are constantly searching the markets and business world for investment opportunities and emerging trends. As part of our latest review, we’ve been looking up to space.

The falling cost of satellites – Initially developed for the public sector, satellites have become increasingly smaller and cheaper, and now provide a range of communications solutions to the private sector. Facebook, for example, recently signed an agreement with Eutelsat to launch a satellite to provide internet access to remote communities in 14 sub-Saharan African countries.

Re-usable rockets – With the development of NASA’s hugely ambitious Space Launch System (SLS) and SpaceX testing re-usable rockets, accessing space could also soon become far more affordable. The cost per launch is predicted to fall from tens of millions of dollars to $5-7 million.

Space Tourism – With Russian entrepreneurs already booking stays at the International Space Station as tourists, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic due to begin giving people the chance to take brief trips beyond the atmosphere, a number of high profile organisations are already involved in making space the next holiday destination.

Space is rapidly emerging as an exciting growth area, and we will be keeping a close eye on the innovations that are making it more accessible, to make the most of the investment opportunities they bring.

Next month our Research Team will be looking at Collectable Real Assets, such as cars, stamps and art, and why they’re becoming increasingly valuable and popular investments.

This review has been issued by Investec Click & Invest Limited based on information from the Research Team of Investec Wealth & Investment Limited on the basis of publicly available information, internally developed opinions and other sources believed to be reliable. All views and recommendations expressed are based entirely on such data. Our material is regarded as non-independent research and a marketing communication which means that it has not been prepared in accordance with legal requirements designed to promote the independence of investment research and is not subject to any prohibition on dealing ahead of the dissemination of investment research.

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