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The road to the National Athletic Championships

What does a regular week look like for Click & Invest ambassador Akeem Akintokun?

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Click & Invest brand ambassador Akeem Akintokun’s season has just come to an end, but how did the 200m and 400m get on? Relive the entire journey on our blog

Click & Invest ambassador Akeem Akintokun talks through the training methods he uses to improve his stride and technique

Discover how Akeem prepares for races as he takes us through his pre and post training regime in his latest vlog.

In this weeks vlog, Akeem documents his journey to Cardiff for the next round of athletic matches. Find out how he got on in the 100m and 200m.

Akeem's latest vlog documents his trip to Costa Brava in the next stage of his journey to the National Athletic Championships.

Akeem's first vlog takes a look at what a typical week for a sprinter looks like as he builds up to his first competitive race of the season.

Over the next few weeks we will be following Click & Invest ambassador Akeem Akintokun on his journey to the British National Athletic Championships. The 200m and 400m sprinter will be sharing insights about his training schedule and diet as he aims to compete in one of the largest annual athletic competitions in the UK. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook keep up-to-date with Akeem’s progress.

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