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Why Click & Invest?

At Click & Invest we understand that parting with £10,000 or more is a big decision. Discover why we believe you should invest with us

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Whether you’re looking to save for a house, secure your children’s futures or go on a once in a lifetime holiday, we believe we have the right investment strategies to help you achieve your investment goals.

Discover what sets us apart from the competition.

Over 180 years of experience
Click & Invest is part of Investec Wealth and Investment, who have over 180 years of experience managing client investments. During this time we’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge which we believe counts for a lot when it comes to managing investment portfolios. All our decisions are thoroughly calculated and grounded in research but it’s our experience and heritage that differentiates us from other services.

Actively managed portfolios
Our actively managed portfolios set us apart from traditional ‘robo investors’. Our specialist Investment Managers and in-house Research Team will actively manage your portfolio constantly, taking full responsibility for your investments so you don’t have to. As with all investments, there is an element of risk but it’s our team’s ability to react and take unexpected political and economic factors into consideration which gives us the edge over robo investors, who only use algorithms to manage portfolios.

Specific advice to you and your investment goals
The advice we offer is always specific to you, your attitude to risk and your investment goals. When you go through your investment journey, you’ll be asked a series of rigorous questions. The answers you give will define your attitude to risk and capacity for loss and we’ll then make investment decisions for you based on the information you provide. We’ll only ever make investments on your behalf that fit your appetite for risk.

We don’t just track the market
At Click & Invest, we won’t only buy investments that simply track the market. Instead, our team of Investment Managers will actively aim to beat it. Our Investors are supported by the Research Team and every decision to buy or sell an asset in your portfolio has been informed by a thorough analysis of the relevant economic and political factors which help us limit the risk that comes with any investment.

Transparent fees
We have clear and easy to understand fees with no unexpected or hidden costs. Depending on how much you invest, you will pay one annual management fee between 0.65% and 0.35% per annum.

24/7 access and support
With the ability to log in online via desktop, mobile or the app, you’ll always be able to see your portfolios online no matter what device you are using. If you have other Investec accounts, you’ll be able to view them all in the same place, making it easy to manage your money.
We have a dedicated customer service team on hand 24/7 to help you via the phone or social media, should you need support.


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