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How our experts manage your money

Click & Invest brings together the best ideas of all Investec Wealth & Investments’ resources in pursuit of delivering consistently good risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

Our thorough investment approach is the same trusted approach we’ve been using for clients for over 180 years.

Working closely together, our experienced Investment Managers and 20 strong in–house Research Team focus on two core areas to create and manage our investment portfolios: Asset Allocation and Fund Selection.

1Asset Allocation

When investing, one of the most important decisions is working out which type of assets to include in the mix, and in what proportions. At Click & Invest, we mix investments across the different asset classes to create your investment portfolio; this mixture will change according to your appetite for risk and overall investment goals.

The proportion of each asset class is determined by our Asset Allocation Committee who meet on a monthly basis to discuss the economic outlook.

We review economic, interest rate and currency forecasts, and debate the outlook for the individual fixed income and equity markets. We then translate these into an asset allocation framework which is applied to your investment portfolio.

2Fund Selection

Our Collective Investment Research Team constantly review individual funds within each of the various investment markets. This results in our best picks being added to our Recommended List of Funds, from which the Click & Invest team constructs your investment portfolio.

Our Investment Managers work closely with our in-house Research Team, so will always take advantage of any tactical ideas and ‘special situations’ they think may be appropriate to enhance the performance of your portfolio.

At Click & Invest, we invest primarily in “active” funds, where a Fund Manager aims to beat their benchmarks. Our Research Team and Investment Managers regularly meet face-to-face with fund management teams, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of each fund and its process, before we invest any money.

Creating your Click & Invest portfolio

The Click & Invest Investment Team meets regularly to discuss the portfolios and to agree how to best apply the recommendations from the Asset Allocation and Collective Investment Team. Portfolios are individually analysed to ensure that they are in-line with our clients’ investment strategies, and reflect their individual risk profiles and investment goals.

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Jargon buster

Asset classes

A category of assets, such as equities, bonds, cash or property. Investments within an asset class have similar characteristics.

Fixed income

Money invested into investments which regularly generate a fixed amount of interest income.

Equity markets

Also referred to as the stock market. It is the market for trading equities, so where shares are issued and traded.

Asset allocation

At the heart of the Click & Invest process lies a rigorous and disciplined approach to asset allocation. This means choosing an appropriate blend of assets to achieve our clients’ investment objectives. Our approach to asset allocation is based on fundamental analysis of long-term trends in economies and financial markets; and our observation of the returns and associated risks from investing in the major asset classes.

Fund Selection

A monthly process carried out by our Collective Investment Committee, whereby individual funds are selected for inclusion in individual investment portfolios.

Investment markets

When looking to invest, there are a number of markets you can choose to invest in. These include the stock market, the bond market or foreign exchange market.

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