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How Click & Invest measures portfolio performance

The Click & Invest portfolios were launched in 2016, so we do not currently have historic performance data. This means we have matched the Click & Invest investment strategies to actual performance of a representative sample of discretionary accounts managed by IW&I (values in excess of £50,000). The accounts within this sample are being managed with the same risk profile and objective as our Click & Invest portfolios.

However, there are some differences: the IW&I portfolios shown may differ in size to the Click & Invest portfolios and they may be invested directly, partly or wholly in stocks and shares (rather than funds).

Performance is shown after fees but before any tax that may be due. The performance numbers shown are for illustrative purposes only and you should remember that past performance is not a guide of future performance, and the value of investments can fall as well as rise.

Choosing to invest should be seen as a medium to long term strategy. If you could not tolerate the worst calendar year loss illustrated, you may want to reconsider your attitude to risk, and how much risk you are willing to take with your investments. In addition, if you have higher risk investments, these may experience larger falls.

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