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    Actively managed

    Our Investment Managers don’t just track the markets, they actively aim to beat them, seeking the best returns for you through their access to the whole of the investment market.

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    Investment experts

    Access a dedicated team of experts, including our in-house Research Team who ensure your investment portfolio is fully diversified.

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    Intelligent advice

    Receive advice that is specific to you and your investment goals. If they change, we’ll make sure your investments change too, so we’re always investing in the way that’s right for you.

Our performance history

Investec Click & Invest is backed by over 180 years wealth management experience from Investec Wealth & Investment Limited (IW&I), and we’re proud of our performance and history over the past six years. The graph below shows the performance of Investec Wealth & Investment Limited (“IW&I”) portfolios which have been matched to our Click & Invest investment strategies.

Imagine you had invested £10,000 in one of the five portfolios six years ago, its performance would have looked like this:

For information on how we have calculated this performance, please find it here.

investment chart

Best Calendar Year:

+ 10.25%

Worst Calendar Year:

- 3.25%

Figures refer to past performance and this is not a reliable indicator for future performance.

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Compare us to our Benchmarks

See how our portfolios have performed compared against our set benchmarks, from January 2017 to September 2018.

These benchmarks are constructed to give you an independent comparison against which you can measure portfolio performance. Learn more about how we manage investments in our online guide.

These benchmarks are a point of reference and are generally representative of the underlying investments. However, your portfolio may contain some investments that are not contained in the benchmark and those that may be held in different proportions. This means that performance will deviate from the benchmark index.

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