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How our portfolios have performed

The graph below shows the performance of Investec Wealth & Investment Limited (“IW&I”) portfolios which have been matched to our Click & Invest investment strategies. Imagine you had invested £10,000 in one of the five portfolios five years ago, its performance would have looked like this:

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Best Calendar year:

+ 10.25%

Worst Calendar year:

- 3.25%

Figures refer to past performance and this is not a reliable indicator for future performance.

Defensive portfolio

investment chart

Cautious portfolio

investment chart

Measured portfolio

investment chart

Adventurous portfolio

investment chart

Aggressive portfolio

investment chart

How we perform against
our benchmarks

At Click & Invest we have created benchmarks which are designed to give you a comparison that you can measure the performance of our Click & Invest portfolios against.

Benchmarks are made up of indices, produced by external organisations, to illustrate the performance achieved over different time scales, and types of investments. Some indices you may have heard of are the FTSE 100 index or S&P 500 index.

We have assigned benchmarks that we feel are relevant to each of our five investment strategy portfolios. These benchmarks will be shown in more detail in your Investment Proposal during the application process and also in your Valuation Reports when you become a client.

Below is an overview of how our portfolios have performed this year between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017 compared to their benchmarks.

These benchmarks are a point of reference and are generally representative of the underlying investments. However, your portfolio may contain some investments that are not contained in the benchmark and those that may be held in different proportions. This means that performance will deviate from the benchmark index.

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