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Interest Rates for the Click & Invest Service

Any cash in your portfolio will be held in a deposit account paying the interest rates as shown below, based on the current Bank of England base rate. Your money will be held in a client money account alongside monies held on behalf of other clients.

Where the rate of interest we receive overall is more than the rates set out below, any difference between the interest received by us and the interest paid to you will be retained by us. Interest is credited to your account quarterly.

Unfortunately due to the latest reduction in the base rate, we regret that we will not be paying interest on sterling cash balances held as part of your Investment Portfolio from 1 September 2016.

Cash balance Interest rate
Under £50,000 0.0 %
Over £50,000 0.0 %

In the event that interest received or payable to you becomes a negative rate, we reserve the right to pass on the negative charge to you in full.

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