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If you have £10,000 to invest, see how Investec Click & Invest compares to the other options available:


Cash ISA

A Cash ISA is a low risk way to earn tax-free interest. However, interest rates can be very low and your money could be eroded by inflation, so they are often used to meet short-term financial goals.

Fixed Savings

Savings accounts are a reliable choice for the short-term and if you need to access your money quickly. Any income you make could be taxable.

Click & Invest Stocks and Shares ISA

Our experts actively manage your investment, aiming to beat the market, rather than just track it. Our advice will always be specific to you, your attitude to risk and your investment goals.

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Why Click & Invest?

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    Over 180 years of investment experience

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    Your investments actively managed by experts

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    Intelligent advice that’s specific to you and your investment goals

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    We don’t just track the markets

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    Transparent fees

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    24/7 access

The Click & Invest difference

  1. We don’t just track the markets, we actively aim to beat them.

    By being part of Investec Wealth & Investment, we have access to a 20 strong in-house Research Team who thoroughly research the markets, and work closely with our Investment Team to ensure that your money is being invested in the right places for you and your investment goals.

  2. The convenience of an online service with the expertise of an international Wealth Manager.

    We’ll never be out of touch – from monthly video updates on the performance of your investments, through to talking to our dedicated Support Team – we’re available 365 days a year, online, via our App or on the phone. We’re proud of our heritage and the service we offer, which is why it’s at the heart of everything we do.

The advice we offer

Click & Invest offers you simplified advice which is a form of restricted advice. Restricted advice means that we will only advise you on investment management, and will not advise you on other retail investment products such as life policies.

Simplified advice means that we will not take into account your overall current financial situation, or any investments you may already hold. It is based solely on the information that you have provided to us, and the amount of money you have told us you would like to invest.

You can opt-out or update your communication preferences at any time via the preferences link in all of our emails. For more information on this and how we treat your data securely, please see our Data Protection Notice.

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