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What’s in Your Guide to Click & Invest

This is a transcript of the Your Guide to Click & Invest video.

Investec Click & Invest is a simple, new way for individuals to invest £10,000 or more. It’s an online investment service that creates and manages an investment portfolio for you.

Click & Invest is a new approach, but we’re part of Investec Wealth & Investment who have over 180 years of experience managing clients’ investments.

From experience we know that the key to creating an investment portfolio which is right for you, is to begin by assessing your attitude to risk, your financial situation and your investment experience.

So, no matter what your investment goals are, we’ll create a portfolio, which will be continuously managed on your behalf by our specialist Investment Managers. They are supported by our in-house Research Team, who will take care of the hard work, analysing the financial markets so you don’t have to. Together, they’ll make sure that if your investment goals change, your portfolio will be adjusted to reflect them.

We’re dedicated to transparency – with a simple management fee based on how much you invest, and no hidden charges. So you will always know your annual fee up front.

With the ability to view your investments via the website, the Investec App or by talking to our dedicated Click & Invest Support Team – real-time updates on your portfolio are just a click, tap or phone call away.

And because Click & Invest is part of the Investec Group, an international specialist bank and asset manager who look after over £142 billion* for clients worldwide, you can relax knowing your money is in expert hands.

*Funds under management as at 30 September 2016.

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