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This is a transcript of the How we invest video.

Jane Warren, CEO Investec Click & Invest: “At Click & Invest, individuals wanting to invest £2,500 or more will benefit from the experience and knowledge normally reserved for clients investing larger sums of money. We want to make investing as easy and transparent as possible. You won’t find complex investment terms or complicated fees. Instead you have an investment portfolio created and managed by an investment management team who will take care of the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.”

Richard Fullman, Head of Investment, Click & Invest: “Click & Invest is part of Investec Wealth & Investment who have over 180 years of experience and we are always drawing on this expertise. Our specialist Investment Team, supported by our In-house Research Team continuously manage your investment portfolio not just to track the market but we aim to actively beat it”.

Andrew Summers, Head of Collectives & Fund Research: “The engine driving the Click & Invest process is a rigorous and disciplined approach to asset allocation. Our collective investment committee meet regularly to review and select individual funds within each of the various investment markets”.

Stacey Johnson, Fund Selection Specialist: “The fund selection committee meet every month but we maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Click & Invest team”.

John Sawbridge, Click & Invest Investment Director: “Our approach to investment analysis is based on an investigation of long-term trends in economies and financial market and when faced with challenging market conditions we continue to take the same diligent approach”

Jane Warren: “We want our clients to feel comfortable in the knowledge that their money is in good hands so we provide regular portfolio updates and we have a customer service team available 24 hours a day to answer your questions. To find out more, click the ‘How it works’ on our website and start investing today”

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