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James Avery, Business Manager


Click & Invest brings together the best ideas of all of Investec Wealth & Investments’ resources in pursuit of our aim to deliver consistently good returns for your investment portfolios. A team of 22 Research specialists work closely with our team of experienced Investment Managers to focus on helping you achieve your investment goals.

We normally invest all new money weekly. Therefore any new contributions that you send to us will normally be invested within a few days of being received.

Fees are calculated and collected on a monthly basis. A client with an annual fee of 0.65% will be charged 1/12 th of 0.65% each month. Your actual fee will depend on the total value of your investment portfolio on the day the fee is calculated.

Although we cannot give you financial advice on the phone, our dedicated Click & Invest support team are available 365 days a year, and ready to assist you with any general enquiries you might have about your account.

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